Friday, March 31, 2017


Alessandro Gnocchi with Mons. Fellay … in other times.

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Friday 31 March 2017

Dear Dr. Gnocchi,

I often follow the sites and publications linked to the Tradition. I often attend lectures as well and it has always given me the impression that you criticize your own house with no purpose at all, instead of allying against the common enemy . In short, I believe that this is the time when it is necessary to unite and not divide, to focus on what unites us and not on what is not agreed. I know you do not think so. Why?

Thank you.

Francesco Sabelli


Dear Francesco,

I have nothing to add, and above all nothing to suppress what I have said until today, evidently with no results, at least for how much it concerns you and I must say for honesty to other readers.

In his letter, very friendly, he avoids qualifying me as hypertraditionalist, ultracatólico and divisive. All medals to look at traditional Catholics too fearful of being marked with the prefixes “hyper”, “ultra”, and – by nothing – with the infamous “divisionist” seal.

I say it without resentment, my dear Francesco: do not come to bother me with this foolishness of uniting instead of dividing . Enough already, please. This is the moment when it is necessary to have the courage to divide and also the daring to be left alone . In moments of chaos, the clarity makes the beautiful souls that the extremist love to do, tremble and terrify, when, in order to be, it is enough to say damn! Wow! And, now, there they go, all together passionately even though they think, or perhaps believe, different things. The important thing is not to remain alone. Little sheep gathered by the fear of the wolf, not by the call of the shepherd.Ovejitas that, fatally, end up always thinking, and even believing, what does not bother the wolf.

Vatican II? To read on your knees, provided it is applied according to your true spirit. The new Mass? An inexhaustible source of graces, provided it is celebrated without these terrible abuses. The tizzone d’inferno [delinquent, evil. N of NP]Bergoglio? There is nothing to be afraid of because of the fate of the Church, Benedict XVI, the real Pope. Morality in the times of abortion, homosexuality and the children of test tubes? You do not have to be scared, just go to the square for Family Day and wink at Fertility Day.

Enough already, dear Francesco. I do not care anymore. I have tired of writing that Vatican II is to throw it in the trash instead of trying to read it in the light of Tradition, because doing so ends fatally by reading the Tradition in the light of Vatican II. That the new Mass poisons souls and makes the spirit of those who really want to look skyward, and that birritualism has as its father double thinking and spiritual schizophrenia as its mother. That Bergoglio is only the continuation, by other means, of Ratzinger and of whom he has preceded. What the quadrilaterals[boxing. N of NP] , stadiums and gyms are the places where power willingly grants its subjects the permission to manifest a dissent that contributes even more to the masters than to the servants.

Please do not bother with the ghost of the division. You are terrified by reality , dear Francesco. This is the time when the similar goes in search of their own similar and discover that they are few. The others are deceivers, a misfortune worse than the declared enemies.

The supernatural test to which we are called in these times is solitude or, if we do well, the company of a few true brothers, perhaps hesitant and intimidated to find that they are isolated. He does not confront it hiding among the complimenting crowd, in the puntilla cliques, in the operetta elites. Rather, it embraces loneliness because it is the natural and supernatural condition in which every Christian has always faced the only battle that really counts, that of eternal life. He does not go to Paradise in retinue, dear Francesco. And to prepare to die alone, we must learn to live alone.

Please stop with the mantra of the unit . Do you know what really joins? Hatred.The crowd is never as united as when they must beat down an enemy. I really do not mind joining the opposition to Bergoglio. There were two of us, Mario Palmaro and I, when we first got up to say “this Pope we do not like”. And the two of us remained to bear the consequences while many friends gave us a facade smile but, behind our back, they said that it was not the time, that it was not the way and that we had what we deserved. Two, alone and free. The anti-Berlin mob that is being opened from Vatican II and celebrates Mass Bugnini, if they were formed, would be sitting comfortably in any palace or any megabit on the web. I am in another place.

But it is love, esteemed Francesco, the love for the Truth that divides and separates . On Calvary, at the foot of the Cross, were the Virgin Mary, Mary of Cleopas, Mary Magdalene and John. The Gospel does not even say that they were in contemplation, but only that they “were” there. Separated from the world, abandoned from the mob that united to kill the Son of God. Divided for the love of all who had hatred in their hearts. That was the Church, dear Francesco: “Behold your son”, “Behold your mother”. In the spiritual DNA of every Christian is printed the chromosome of solitude and separation. To remove it means to assume the mundane DNA of the layman [in the sense of “without religion.” N of NP].

To love, but not with the love of the world, means to die for the love of one who loves us. A few days ago I saw the film of the Easter Triduum preached by Don Divo Barsotti in Desenzano del Garda in 1991. He speaks of the call to be consumed for the love of God. The highest moment is when Barsotti personally addresses those sitting in the front row: “Do you want to consume yourself in His Love? You? You? “He asks one by one. Terrible moments because they are very high instants of eternal love, of solitude respect of the men that introduces to the intimacy with God.

Do we want to consume ourselves for His Love? This is the real question we must ask, not that of unity or division. Do you, dear Francesco, want to be consumed by His love? Do I want, Alessandro Gnocchi, to consume me for His Love? Do you understand that, after the only response the Christian can give, everything else counts for nothing?

Certainly, then also the time will come to be together. But then it will be easy, because the like will recognize each other instantly and will not need to be in a congress to understand how much they are alike. I do not know if this corresponds to a new beginning of civilization. It will certainly be the end of barbarism.

Alessandro Gnocchi

Praise be to Jesus Christ.


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