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“Many of those who have abandoned us to join Rome (conciliar) did not quite understand what liberalism is and how the Roman authorities, since the Second Vatican Council, are infested with these errors. If they had understood it, they would have fled, they would have avoided it, they would have stayed with us. But they do not want to believe in these mistakes! It’s serious! Because when approaching these authorities, one is necessarily contaminated.

These authorities are imbued (…) with the principles of liberalism: necessarily, they act in accordance with their way of thinking. Therefore, when they begin to have relations with us, they impose these ideas, since they are the authorities. They are the authorities, we are the inferior, then they will impose their ideas. As long as they do not get rid of these errors, liberalism and modernism, there will be no means of understanding them . “

(In a lecture to his seminarians in September 1988)

“Above all, if there were an arrangement with Rome, we would be invaded by numbers of people: Now that they have the Tradition and are recognized by Rome, they will come with us. There are many people who will continue with their modern and liberal spirit, but they will come with us because they will like to attend from time to time to a traditional ceremony and have contact with traditionalists. And this will be very dangerous for our traditional environment. If we are invaded by all these people, what will happen to the Tradition? Little by little there will be a kind of osmosis that will occur, a kind of consensus … Very slowly, very slowly, we will end by not seeing the distinction between liberalism and Tradition. It’s very dangerous”.

(Conference at Flavigny on 11 June 1988, Fideliter No 68)

“I can not talk much about the future, since mine is behind me. But if I live a little still and supposing that from now to a certain time Rome makes a call, that wants to see us again, to resume the dialogue, at that moment I would be the one who would impose the conditions. I will not accept being in the situation in which we find ourselves during the colloquia. This is over. He would raise the question at the doctrinal level: “Do you agree with the great encyclicals of all the popes who preceded them? Do you agree with Quanta Cura of Pius IX, Immortale Dei, Libertas of Leo XIII, Pascendi of Pius X, Quas Primas of Pius XI, Humani Generals of Pius XII? Are they in full communion with these popes and their claims? Do they still accept the anti-modernist oath? Are you in favor of the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ? ” If they do not accept the doctrine of their ancestors, it is useless to speak. As long as they have not accepted to reform the Council considering the doctrine of these popes that preceded them, there is no possible dialogue. It’s useless.”

(Interview granted to Fideliter magazine No. 66, 1988)

“It is not surprising if we do not come to understand Rome. This will not be possible as long as Rome does not return to the faith in the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ … We clashed in a point of the Catholic faith “

(Conference in Sierre on 27 November 1988, Fideliter No 89)

” When we ask ourselves the question of when there will be an agreement with Rome, my answer is simple: when Rome re-crowns Our Lord. The day they acknowledge our Lord as King of peoples and nations, it is not to us that they will join, but to the Catholic Church in which we remain. “

(Conference in Flavigny, 1 December 1988, Fideliter No 68)

“It is necessary to convince the faithful that it is a maneuver, that it is a danger to be placed in the hands of the conciliar bishops and modernist Rome. It is the greatest danger that threatens them. If we have fought for twenty years to avoid conciliar errors, it is not to put ourselves in the hands of those who profess them. “

(Report published in the journal Fideliter No. 70, July 1989)

“But they betray us. They give their hands to those who demolish the Church, to those who have modernist and liberal ideas and are therefore condemned by the Church.Therefore now, they do the work of the devil, they who work with us for the kingdom of our Lord and for the salvation of souls.

“Oh, whenever we can remember the good mass, we can shake hands with Rome, no problem” Look how it works! They are in a dead end because you can not both shake hands with the modernists and want to keep the Tradition. How do you want to have confidence in people like these, who justify the denial of Quanta Cura, Pascendi , the decisions of the Biblical Commission, etc … “

(Conference at the end of the priestly retreat of September 1990 in Ecône)

“Or we are the heirs of the Catholic Church, that is, of Quanta Cura, of Pascendi, with all the popes even before the council, and the great majority of the bishops of that time, for the kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Health of souls, or we are heirs of those who strive, even at the price of a rupture with the Church and its doctrine, to admit the principles of human rights, based on a true apostasy, with a view to obtaining a presence Of servers in the revolutionary world government. Because that is the bottom line: by virtue of being in favor of human rights, religious freedom, democracy and equality of men, will have a place in world government, but will be a server site.(…) We are immersed in this current, in this continuity, we thank the Good God. We are persecuted, of course, we are the only ones excommunicated, the only ones persecuted, but we can not not be . “

(Conference at the end of the priestly retreat of September 1990, Ecône)

“The problem is still very serious and … not to be minimized. It is what we must answer to [those who] ask if the crisis is about to end, if there would not be an authorization for our liturgy, for our sacraments. Certainly the question of the liturgy and the sacraments is very important, but even more important is the question of the Faith. For us this question is resolved, since we have the Faith of always , that of the Council of Trent, the Catechism of Saint Pius X , Of all the councils and of all the Popes previous to the Second Vatican Council; In a word, the Faith of the Church.

But in Rome? Perseverance and obsession with false ideas and the grave errors of Vatican II remain. It is clear. We should not have any illusions . We are fighting very hard. We must not hesitate or be afraid.

Some would like to join in spite of everything with Rome, with the Pope. We would … if they found themselves in the Tradition and would continue the task of all the Popes of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. But they themselves (the present Popes) recognize that they have taken a new path, that the Second Vatican Council has opened a new era. It is Satan’s fight against the City of God . How will this be resolved? It is the secret of God, a mystery. But we must not worry, we must have confidence in the grace of the Good God.

That we have to fight against the ideas currently in vogue in Rome, which the Pope expresses, is clear. We fight [against them] because they do nothing more than repeat the opposite of what the popes have said and solemnly affirmed for a century and a half. We must choose. This is what I said to Pope Paul VI. We are forced to choose between you and the Council on the one hand, and your predecessors on the other hand.Who should we follow? To the predecessors who have affirmed the doctrine of the Church or to follow the novelties of the Second Vatican Council affirmed by you?

We should not hesitate for a minute. Those who are betraying us … say that we must be charitable, have good feelings, we must avoid divisions. They shake hands with those who destroy the Church, those who have modernist and liberal ideas, even though they are condemned by the Church. They do the work of the devil. They are in a dead end because you can not shake hands with the modernists and at the same time keep the Tradition . That was what killed the Christianity of Europe. It is the liberals who have allowed the Revolution to be installed, precisely because they have reached out to those who did not have their principles.

You have to choose. We have chosen to be counterrevolutionaries, to be against modern errors, to be in the Catholic Truth and to defend it. This struggle between the Church and the modernist liberals is the struggle in which we find ourselves in the wake of the Second Vatican Council. The more we analyze the documents of Vatican II and the interpretation given by the authorities of the Church, the more one realizes that it is not only a few errors … but, in reality, a perversion of the spirit. It is a totally different conception of Revelation, of Faith and of Philosophy, it is a total perversion.

We have nothing to do with these people, for we have nothing in common with them . The battle we fight is that of Our Lord, continued by the Church. We can not doubt it: either we are with the Church or we are against It; We are not with this conciliar Church that has less and less in common with the Catholic Church. “

(Conference given by Monsignor Lefebvre in 1990, cit. Here )

“The Pope is more ecumenist than ever. All the false ideas of the Council continue to develop and reaffirm more and more clearly. They hide less and less. It is inconceivable at every point that we can agree to collaborate with such a hierarchy.

The problems with Rome are not at all to our liking. To have to argue has not been for pleasure. We have done so for principle, to keep the Catholic faith. [Some] agreed with us and collaborated. But suddenly they have abandoned the real battle to ally themselves with those who are destroying the Church, under the pretext that they were granted privileges

It is unacceptable. In fact they have abandoned the fight of faith, and can no longer face Rome . “

(Fideliter nº 79, January 1991)

Q: But there are Traditionalists who have made an agreement with Rome without conceding anything .

A: That is false. They have renounced their possibility of opposing Rome. They must remain silent because of the favors they have been granted. Then, they begin to slip ever so slowly until they end up admitting the mistakes of Vatican II. It is a very dangerous situation. Such Rome concessions have as their sole objective to get the Traditionalists to break with the FSPX and submit to Rome.

(Fideliter No. 79, January 1991, shortly before his death in March 1991)

“Every priest who wants to remain Catholic has the strict duty to separate himself from this conciliar church.”

(From his book “Spiritual Itinerary”)

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