Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord 2017.

Sunday of the Resurrection – 16.04. 2017.

In Broadstairs

And in London


We prayed for good fruits of  Bishop Williamson’s visit to North America …
…with Hope we are looking forward to ….the New Bishop !:

“Fourth Bishop..

…In 1988 the Archbishop consecrated four of them for the same reason, two for Europe, and one each for North and South America. As of now the “Resistance” has two in Europe and one in South America. There remains a gap in North America. God willing, this coming May 11 Fr. Gerardo Zendejas will be consecrated bishop in the Traditional parish of Fr Ronald Ringrose in Vienna, Virginia, USA. Please pray for the blessing of Almighty God upon the ceremony – and for good weather!

Kyrie eleison….”

Member of FSSPXR Anglia

John A. Broughton



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