The “Old Church” can not perish. When the man works
According to what Our Lady asks, see it done.

Thanks in part, undoubtedly, to the prayers of the readers, the two Consecrations, that of Monsignor Zendejas and that of Russia were successfully held in Vienna, Virginia, USA, on May 11 and 12, respectively. The weather was not very good on May 11 because it rained with pitchers, but the awning was water resistant and fitted perfectly a congregation of approximately 500 people from all over the United States, and some from further afield. The weather was a little better on May 12 for the first bishop’s Mass with the Consecration of Russia, and with a congregation only a little smaller than the day before.

We are especially indebted to Fr. Ronald Ringrose, Traditional Pastor of Vienna, in whose Rectory the double Consecration took place. He has maintained the parish of St. Athanasius as a bastion of Catholic Tradition a short distance from the capital of the United States for more than 30 years, which is a considerable achievement in these times so confusing for the Catholic Church. “Ad multos annos,” Mother Church says to her devout servants – that Father Ringrose thrives for many more years.

As to the purpose and scope of the two Consecrations, it is necessary to be both modest and clear. From Vatican II (1962-1965), when the mass of Catholic clergy surrendered to liberalism (worship of freedom) and modernism (the adaptation of the Church of God to the ungodly modern world), the Church has been in serious difficulties. In 1970 Monsignor Lefebvre created the St. Pius X Fraternity to act as an emergency lighting system for the official Church that was darkened, but his successors at the head of the Fraternity are doing all they can to obscure emergency lighting. Let us compare the Consecration of Mgr. Zendejas like a candle that is lit, or a match that is caught in the growing darkness. He has no ambition to save or convert the Neo-Church or Neo-brotherhood.

What he must do is to help save that Old Truth, so to speak, which is at the heart of the true Church and the true Fraternity. Working mainly in the USA, but without territorial jurisdiction of any official nature, Bishop Zendejas will help care for many souls in the USA who have the true Faith and want to preserve it . Accessible by car or train from anywhere in North America, if anything happens that would prevent aircraft from taking off, he is a relatively young bishop with the fullness of Holy Orders certainly valid, able to Confirm or Order, under condition or not, and who by The grace of God, at least for the time being, is sensible and sane – in English the word “sanity” makes three quarters of the word “sanctity”. Let us pray for him in our prayers so that he may remain sane for many years, or at least until a truly Catholic Pope rekindles the light. At that moment Monsignor Zendejas will put his episcopacy back into the hands of Catholic Rome, so that the Pope can do with him whatever he wishes. Meanwhile, let the new bishop be a candle lit in the dark, a point of reference for every soul that seeks the complete Truth free of commitments.

As for the consecration of Russia led by the four bishops present on the eve of the first of the great apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima, there was no remotest claim that his Consecration could replace that of the Pope with the bishops of the whole world , Which is what Our Lady requested. There was simply hope that, by doing what was in his power, with the support of the whole congregation present, they could help obtain from Heaven the graces necessary for the Pope to finally realize the Consecration of Russia, just as Our Lady asked A long time ago. This Consecration will eventually take place because Our Lord said it in 1931, and then begins the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, so necessary and delayed for so long.

Kyrie eleison.


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