On July 2 in Poland, west of Warsaw, Bishop Williamson ordained a priest, Father Michal S. (We do not give his last name, to avoid certain hostilities that could harm his ministry.)

The latter began his seminary with the Fraternity of Saint Pius X in Zaitzkoffen, which he left when he saw the cowardice of the Society against the media, after the interview of Bishop Williamson by Swedish television. He then began studying law at the university in Poland.

Then he found that Menzingen rallied the Fraternity to modern Rome, leaving to the faithful Polish poor only a handful of old priests, always diocesan, but holding out against Rome and their bishops. Michal S. resumed his priestly training with them, the lack of good priests clearly showing him what God expected of him. Of this group of friendly priests, only one of them today can still minister when his health permits.

It was this priest who recommended Father Michal S. to Bishop Williamson, who did not hesitate to confer on him the sub-diaconate, then the next day the diaconate, and the third day the priesthood.

The apostolate of the abbot S. extends to the whole country, an apostolate all the more trying as there are there, not yet “groups of faithful” strictly speaking, but souls isolated and separated by number of kilometers.

May God support them in this fight, give them courage, the weapons of Faith and zeal in this land where religion has been damaged by this unhappy memory, John Paul II. Pray, do penance for Poland and for them.

Polonia semper fidelis sit!

Below the Virgin of Czestochowa, scarred and mutilated by the Hussite heretics (Protestants) on Easter Day 1430.


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