Summary of Bishop Zendejas’ lecture in Avrillé February 2018

Summary of Bishop Zendejas’ lecture in Avrillé February 2018

On the occasion of his visit to France to confer minor orders, Bishop Gerardo Zendejas gave the following day a lecture on his apostolate in the United States and on the difficulties and obstacles facing the apostolate and the Catholic life in France. this country. These difficulties are specific to the modern world and are therefore widespread everywhere, but particularly present in this country.
His Excellency has especially emphasized the extreme harm of modern music and the virtual life in which children are immersed from a very young age.
Music, recalled Mgr, is composed of melody, harmony and rhythm, and these three elements must come in this precise order. If rhythm, as is the case in most new music, takes the main place, then it is the sensitive faculties of the soul, the passions that are hypertrophied.
As for movies, video games, and all the virtual paraphernalia of which the modern world is so rich, they do not get the young people to be confronted with the reality of life, which is often hard. These young people, as soon as they have a problem, will try to escape into the unreal.
This hypertrophy of the passions and the senses, allied to this disconnection of the real, considerably hinders the intellectual clairvoyance and especially the firmness of the will in the Good. It becomes impossible to engage forever, and at the slightest difficulty, we try to escape into a virtual world.
The disastrous consequence of this situation is the virtual disappearance of priestly and religious vocations: to commit forever to a life that will not always be as pleasant as the virtual “American Way of Life” is a prospect that puts off most young people while the saints insisted on the great number of vocations in the families: a third or a quarter of the young people would be called, according to the Saint Curé of Ars and Saint John Bosco.
Another great obstacle to vocations: the commitment in the long term disappearing, the number of divorces increases, which still hurts vocations.
With regard to his apostolate in the United States, Bishop Zendejas in person today regularly serves five mass centers: in New York, Texas, Philadelphia and Saint Mary’s (Kansas). A number of friendly priests work in connection with him, such as the abbots Ringrose, Ortiz, Voigt. He has a small school of twenty students, and a spiritual retreat house. Only the lack of priests limits this apostolate, and the faithful look with hope towards the seminary and the Dominicans of Avrillé.
To conclude, Monseigneur strongly insisted on the absolute duty of fidelity, recalling the examples of our ancestors of Vendée and Cristeros of Mexico; the example of the young José Sanchez del Rio, cruelly tortured and martyred, whose sole answer to the executioners Viva Cristo rey, illustrates this duty we all have, even to the youngest.

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