Confraternity of the Holy Rosary. No 1.


The parable of ‘the children of this world’ vs. ‘the children of Light’



 Luke 16: 1 – 13

In this parable, the rogue Steward acted out his deceit with shrewd thinking; the rogue debtors eagerly complied; the rogue Master praised the actions! To his disciples chagrin, Jesus held up such action as an example the children of light would do well to follow, the lesson being, that if only the church would seek after the pathway to eternal life, with the same determination and fervour, as does the world seek after temporal pleasures, they would surely attain their end!

The world WORKS to enter into riches, glory and honor, but does the church WORK to enter into the life of God, bringing Him glory and honour?

If we, His disciples, were to calculate the hours we spend in the pursuit and protection of our earthly comforts, vs. that of the safety and sanctity of our souls, how sad the calculation; how sadly unprotected and unsanctified would be our souls! This ought not to be, and must not now, be allowed to be. LET US ACT; UNITED. LET US REDRESS THE BALANCE. LET US FIGHT with fervour, everything in this world that robs us of our time spent with God! Let we, His church, fulfil our Lord’s expectation of us through this teaching, and let us prove, by our ACTION, our “trustworthiness of much” because we have been “trustworthy of a little”. Let Him say of this Confraternity “Well done, thou good and faithful servants!”. And let us always, in all things, be aware of His final warning in this passage: that we not serve money and material things; but God, and things eternal. That we not allow “the deceitfulness of riches” and worldly comforts, to enter our hearts and find a home there. That we not allow “other things to choke” or steal those precious hours or moments that could have been spent in the enrichment of our souls; by prayer, by praise, by our Godly ACTION.

True service in the household of God can never be half-hearted or part-time. To be “a slave to Christ” is to have no life outside the will of our Maker; Our Lord; Our King Does Christ reign in our hearts in ALL things, or in only those things that our busy worldly lives find convenient?

…To “follow Me” is never convenient to this world…


John Godrich

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