Brexit Diagnosed – I


Brexit Diagnosed – I

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People of once Great Britain, do beware –
Without God, Mammon’s slaves will strip you bare!


For months now the British Parliament, once virtual master of the world, has been presenting an unworthy spectacle of division and irresolution to the same world. Why has the question of leaving the European Union caused such confusion and upset? Surely because when in 2016 the political class gave to the people the opportunity to vote in a referendum on their New World Order politics, the people voted in heavier numbers than ever in Britain, and took the political class completely by surprise when they voted down its NWO by 52 to 48 per cent. The vote for Brexit (Britain’s exit from the EU) made that class lose its bearings and it has been floundering ever since, so completely and for so long has it been bewitched – or bought – by the NWO.

Bought, because the European Union and its parliament in Brussels represent Mammon, or the politics of money. Because the whole idea behind the European Union was by material prosperity to buy the support of the very different European peoples for the submerging of their national differences into one international European State, which is in its turn to be a key component of the one international world-State, the New World Order. Thus the Judeo-Masonic money-masters behind the NWO assumed that the politics of union could be brought about by the economics of their single currency, the Euro, and they calculated that Europeans would be so in love with the banksters’ materialistic handiwork that they would not object to the dissolution of their nations by uncontrolled immigration from non-European sources.

But “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Mt. IV, 4). In fact in the nature of things, religion (man to his God) is primary, politics (man to his fellow-men) are secondary, and economics (man to money) are only tertiary. Therefore it is anti-natural for economics to lead politics, and so nature may be reversed by Revolution, but nature is always liable to re-assert itself, as with the Brexit vote, which was directly provoked by the politicians’ unnatural admission into Britain of hordes of unassimilable foreigners. However, when nature does re-assert itself, modern politicians, atheistic materialists almost to a man, can be taken completely by surprise, as by the Brexit vote. They make war on nature. How can they possibly lead it?

But who voted all these anti-natural politicians into office? Who else but the peoples (not only of Britain), in accordance with the sacrosanct principle of democracy? Sacrosanct? Yes, because today’s reversal of nature is complete, so that as modern economics are made to overturn politics, so modern politics are made to overturn religion, and democracy becomes a substitute religion, and the will of the people replaces God. This means that the Brexit vote was not valid just because it was the will of the British people, 52 to 48%, but because it favoured what is natural, the God-given identity and various gifts of the European nations, designed by God to make up the symphony of Europe, as was achieved in the Catholic Middle Ages. “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (religion) and all these things (politics) shall be yours as well” (Mt. VI, 33).

Does that mean that the British people who voted for Brexit are at all religious? Hardly! For the most part they are atheistic materialists ripe for the Communism of the tyrannical bureaucracy in Brussels, with little more true vision than the politicians they habitually vote for, and just as confused. But the English Channel gives them a certain distance from, and perspective on, what goes on in Europe, so that when it came to the Brexit vote, some ancient natural instincts came into play, the same as those by which they have preserved the semblance – not the substance! – of a Catholic monarchy. However, if the British people are not careful, if they do not “watch and pray ” for their country, the fruits of their original Brexit vote will be stolen from them by the banksters in one way or another. No doubt these are already plotting how to circumvent what seem to them the stupid and backward Brexiteers. God is supremely generous, but He is not mocked, nor is He short-changed!

Kyrie eleison.


Liberalism is a Killer


Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Next month includes (August 4) the 100th anniversary of the election to the Papacy of Cardinal Giuseppe Sarto, i.e. St. Pius X, patron of our Priestly Society. Digging out for a colleague a past Seminary Letter on the true charity of Pius X, I see that in August of 1996 I told briefly the story of his clash with Cardinal Ferrari of Milan, but I did not draw out all the implications. The problem is central to our times. In honour of St. Pius, let me tell the story again, still more briefly, with a secular parallel from the post-war United States.

In 1910, three years after the appearance of Pope Pius X’s great anti-modernist Encyclical letter “Pascendi”, two loyal Italian Monsignors, The Scotton Brothers, published in their anti-modernist review an article declaring – not without foundation – that the Seminary in Cardinal Ferrari’s Archdiocese of Milan was “a seed-bed of modernism”, i.e. of that mother of all heresies which preserves the appearances of Catholicism but empties out the substance, in order to adapt the Catholic Church to the modern world.

The Cardinal was indignant. How could a supposedly Catholic journal so attack the honour and integrity of the Seminary Professors and their Superiors, including himself? When Pius X replied through his Cardinal De Lai, amongst other things, that there was not a little modernism in the archdiocese of Milan, the Liberals profited by the controversy to create a media uproar. In early March, both parties appealed to Rome, and Cardinal Ferrari defended the Liberal Catholic paper of Milan, “The Union”, because he sensed it was being called in question.

At the end of March, Pius X wrote himself to the Cardinal, saying that the modernism provoking the Scotton brothers in the archdiocese of Milan might not be doctrinal but it was practical, i.e. good doctrine might be taught, but it was not being applied in practice, for instance when so many of the Milan clergy supported “The Union”, a newspaper leaving much to be desired from a Catholic point of view. Yet less than three weeks after receiving this letter, the Cardinal vigorously defended “The Union” in front of his Milan seminarians, and said that this defense was in accordance with the Pope’s will! When Pius X learned of the Cardinal’s reaction, he was scandalized and deeply hurt: here was a Cardinal deceiving his future priests as to the will of the Pope, so that they would soon be spreading Liberal ideas throughout the Archdiocese in the name of the Pope! When in turn the Cardinal learned of the Pope’s reaction, he replied with a flood of tears, and now I must quote the August 1996 letter in full:

“He was broken-hearted to have offended the Pope. He was humiliated. He would be saddened to the end of his days. He begged forgiveness. He never meant to hurt the Pope. He never said a word disrespectful to the Pope, etc., etc… As for what he said to his seminarians, he never meant it to be copied down or published. All he meant to say was that “The Union” should go on improving. There had been no significant scandal in the Archdiocese. He was ready to take back anything he said, and would come to Rome if necessary. When Pius X read this letter, he replied that there had in fact been great scandal in the Milan Archdiocese because the Cardinal’s defense of “The Union” had been clear, and clearly understood. So let the Cardinal correct the scandal by conveying the Pope’s real thinking to all concerned, but let him not come to Rome.

“This last instruction was intended to calm the agitation, so that the controversy might die a quiet death, but the Liberals turned it into a refusal of the Pope to listen to his Cardinals! Thus when on the death of Pius X Cardinal Ferrari went down to Rome for the conclave to elect his successor, to an Italian senator remarking on the people’s emotion and veneration for the deceased Pope, the Cardinal sternly replied: “Yes, but he will have to give an account to God for the way in which he would abandon his bishops in the face of accusations being made against them”! Truly, as Msgr. Begnini said, Cardinal Ferrari had understood nothing.”

Now what are the implications that I did not spell out in 1996? Between Pius X and Cardinal Ferrari we have a clash between two worlds: one of Catholic reality, of man serving God; the other of Liberal dreamery, of God serving man. Pius X is concerned with the issues, the Cardinal is concerned with personal feelings. Pius X worries that the good doctrine is not put into practice in Milan; that the Cardinal’s defending “The Union” would spread liberal ideas; that the Cardinal should straighten out the scandal of mistaken thinking. On the contrary the Cardinal takes the Scotton accusation as a personal attack upon his subordinates and himself; when the Pope is scandalized by his defense of “The Union”, he is overcome with personal feelings (“broken-hearted”, “humiliated”, “saddened”) and fanfares his good intentions: when the Pope does not want to see him, he feels personally betrayed (“abandoned”) by his Superior.

There is a famous quotation of the arch-Romantic English poet, John Keats (1795-1821):- “I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of imagination” (Letter to Benjamin Bailey). Now when a young poet in a Revolutionary age allows his feelings and imagination to take over, that is, in a manner of speaking, his prerogative. But when an eminent Prince of the Catholic Church allows questions of doctrine to be overtaken in his mind by the conviction of the holiness of his own heart’s affections, then we are in trouble! The Revolution is taking over the Church, and the Catholic Faith is being washed out. Sure enough! – the Pius X – Cardinal Ferrari clash was finally resolved in 2001 when Pope John Paul II beatified Cardinal Ferrari! In effect, he was declaring the Cardinal’s affections to be Blessed! A Catholic Saint? A saint of the world of Keats!

The secular parallel from the post-war United States is the clash which took place in Washington , D.C., in the late 1940’s between Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss. Whittaker Chambers’ book “Witness” is a classic of U.S. history, culture and literature, which should be studied in every American school, but because it refuses the modern dream, it is disappearing down the memory hole. Chambers was not a Catholic, but he had real and deep insight into the soul of modern man.

Born in Philadelphia, PA, in 1901, and reared in a more or less unhappy middle-class home on Long Island, NY, Chambers had a serious and searching mind which led him as a university student in the 1920’s to tour Europe’s centers of culture in pursuit of an answer to what seemed to him a grave crisis of Western Civilization. But post-WWI Europe had no answer either, which is why in the 1930’s, like many another desperate young man, he joined the Communist Party. Within the Communist underground which he served with distinction for several years, he met and befriended an equally brilliant rising D.C. bureaucrat, by name Alger Hiss. The two worked together, until Stalin’s Great Purge in 1937 and 1938 opened Chambers’ eyes and drove him out of the Communist Party and out of Communism. He went to ground until the Communists no longer risked killing him, and had quietly re-surfaced in the late 1940’s as a journalist with “Time” in New York. Meanwhile Alger Hiss had gone on to make a brilliant wartime and post-war career in Washington, partaking for instance at the highest level in the Conference of Yalta and in the constituting of the United Nations.

Chambers and Hiss met again in August of 1948 when Chambers stepped forward out of his obscurity into blazing publicity in D.C. to give witness that Hiss, while in the US Department of State, had helped to transmit confidential government documents to the Russians. Hiss denied that he had ever even met Chambers! But Hiss was finally convicted of perjury in January of 1950, and sentenced to a five-year prison term. He died only a few years ago, still protesting his innocence, remaining no doubt still convinced of the holiness of his heart’s affections! Chambers died a sad man in 1961, sure that his cause was doomed to perish.

The Chambers-Hiss clash was again a clash between two worlds, between two Americas. As Pius X represented the centuries-old true Church while Cardinal Ferrari represented in effect the looming Church of Vatican II, so the dumpy little Chambers represented all the decent little folk across the United States while Hiss, darling of the DC and NY Establishment, represented the Liberal-Communist march towards the New World Order. When Chambers quit Communism, without the Catholic Faith, he clearly saw that he was joining the losing side. His agonizing decision to testify against Hiss was a noble but desperate gesture, made in the hope of obtaining for civilization no more than a slight reprieve. In this Chambers succeeded when we think of US anti-communism in the 1950’s, but, of course, anti-communism without the Catholic Faith has no long future, so by the 1960’s the Liberal-Communist march to the Brave New World was more irreversible than ever.

Insights abound in Chambers’ “Witness” but here are two that could come straight out of pre-Vatican II Papal Encyclicals: communism is a religious problem, and all liberals are virtual communists. That is why, regardless of the truth or facts of the case, the DC-NY Establishment of liberals rallied to a man behind Hiss, because they knew that if he was condemned, so were they, and their substitute-religion of liberalism. That is why, to this day, they will maintain that Hiss was innocent, just as Pope John Paul II innocented Cardinal Ferrari.

Dear readers, the whole world can go the way of Alger Hiss, and nearly all the churchmen can go the way of Cardinal Ferrari, but God remains God and He is neither deceived nor mocked. We may for the moment be like crushed beneath the juggernaut-dream of Alger Hiss and Vatican II, but it will come to an end, whereas God will not come to an end. Patience. Prayer. Tradition is gently stirring again in many a Catholic breast.

Let us pray that the Precious Blood of Jesus descend in July as a laver of regeneration upon more and more souls.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

P.S. Watch out for August’s Letter, my last from the Seminary. It will be a poem!

The Power of Darkness


Dear Friends and Benefactors,

In this hour of the Devil “and the power of darkness” (Luke XXI, 9) as we see all around us the seemingly unchecked advance of “all seduction of iniquity” (II Thess. II 10), seducing the best of men and even of Priests into doing wrong while apparently convinced they are doing right, we must on Our Lord’s own instructions, not judge if we would not be judged (Matt. VII,) we must overcome evil with good (Matt.V, 44) and we must be patient (Luke XXI 9).

 God has willed to allow this Passion of His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church, just as He willed to allow the Passion of the physical body of His only-begotten Son; out of the latter came our Redemption, out of the former, according to many signs, will come in God’s good time an unparalleled triumph ,of His Catholic Church. This we must believe, and we must wait, patiently praying for the Holy Father, the Head of the Catholic Hierarchy, who alone can redress Our Lord’s Church which He Himself made. May God deign to liberate the Pope from all his enemies, internal and external!

Nevertheless, Our Lord in that same hour of darkness told us not only to pray but also to watch (Matt XXVI, 41). In the anguish made universal inside the Catholic Church by these troubles at its very summit, countless Catholics are being deceived into quitting the Church. Many are falling into Protestant sects, becoming Baptists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses; others repudiate Protestantism and wish to remain Catholic. By repudiating also virtually all of the present Catholic hierarchy, they too run a grave risk of cutting themselves off from the vine and of quitting the Catholic Church, notably the “sedevacantists” for whom the See of Rome is vacant, i.e. we have no Pope.

Here is the true heart of the dispute between Archbishop Lefebvre and the nine Priests from the North who quit the Society of St. Pius X. This dispute is continuing to cause confusion and bitter dissension amongst many faithful Catholics, and here is where we must watch. On separate sheets, readers may follow the arguments in court in August of this year of Fr. Kelly and his Attorney. They can watch him arguing his way out of the Society, which is part of the Catholic Church, and into civil Corporations dependent merely upon himself and his colleagues. In contrast to this version of the Society fabricated by Fr. Kelly, the foot-note on those sheets which sets out what has always been the Archbishop’s position, according to which all priests belonging to the Society and all who follow them are securely inside the Church and under its jurisdiction, outside of which there is no salvation. But how can the same be said now saying he deliberately placed outside the of these Corporations realize where they are for civil corporations which Fr. Kelly is jurisdiction of the Church? Do followers being led?

These court-room arguments and the similar flow of equally misleading propaganda from Oyster Bay, show that Fr. Kelly and his colleagues and followers through failing to distinguish between the official Church, vine of Our Lord, and the Conciliar Church, gangrened with heresy, are at the very least in grave danger of schism. Now the danger of heresy inherent in the Novus Ordo Missae excuses Catholics from the obligation of attending it, and once they are aware of the danger, obliges them not to attend it. It follows that Catholics aware of this ever more real danger of schism in the Masses celebrated by Fr. Kelly and his colleagues, are obliged not to attend them.

On a more positive note, there are also enclosed details of the early visit of Archbishop Lefebvre to his flock in the Northern United States. These details have been so long in suspense because only in the last few days have a brave group of Long Islanders decided to go ahead with the purchase in Farmingville of a large building for a Church, highly suitable for Ordinations and Confirmations. Let traditional Catholics come in large numbers to this grand occasion where the Archbishop will also consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady. By showing their loyalty and affection to the Archbishop, they will warm again his heart chilled on his last visit!

In conclusion, many thanks from all of us at the Seminary to all of you who have pledged your regular support. We need still more help, but you will have a report next month when most of the Pledge Cards have come in.

Meanwhile may Almighty God bless you and may Our Lady protect you!

Fr. Richard Williamson

The Film “The Sound of Music”


Dear Friends and Benefactors,

As the Christmas season comes round again, no doubt many Catholic households, especially but not only in the U.S.A., will be preparing to watch, on public television or on video-tape, The Sound of Music. This Hollywood film has repeatedly been the object of critical remarks in this letter. If readers have wondered why, let it now for the season be explained at length.

The problem with The Sound of Music is that it is not just the innocent entertainment that it seems to be, as will be shown. Nor is Hollywood alone to blame. For the 1965 film was the cinema version of the 1959 Broadway (New York) stage musical. Now Hollywood and Broadway, like all entertainers, are responsible for what they do to elevate or debase their public, but they cannot be primarily to praise or blame for the state in which that public comes to them.

Interestingly, in the years of grace immediately following World War II (it did teach some people some sense), the valiant Catholic magazine Integrity called in question the whole modern expectation of “entertainment”, just as between the wars Fr. Vincent McNabb, O.P., preacher in London, England, had called in question the whole of modern city-life because of the pressure it exerts on married couples to use artificial means of birth control. Obviously few souls paid much attention to Integrity or to Fr. McNabb, which is why we are now in the situation where few Catholics can see any problem with The Sound of Music. Let us then be aware that the problem runs deep, but let us here concentrate on its immediate manifestation in this one film.

Its story is based on a real-life incident which happened in Catholic Austria just before World War II. The wife of an Austrian naval captain dies, leaving him with a number of children to look after. The captain appoints as governess for them a young unmarried woman who has just left the convent where she was trying her vocation. Fortune smiles as the captain and governess fall in love, but fortune frowns as the Nazis take over Austria in the Anschluss of 1938. To avoid serving the Third Reich, the captain manages to flee Austria with his new wife and children.

It would be interesting to read the original book by the real-life governess, Maria von Trapp, to see just how far Hollywood departed from reality in the film starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. However, we need not know the original to see what Hollywood has done!

Firstly, Julie Andrews is nice (of course), but she is too high-spirited to be a nun (of course), for instance she dances over the Austrian mountain meadows, in springtime (of course), waving her arms around and singing (presumably to the grass) that “The hills are alive with the sound of music”. The hills seem unmoved but they do look beautiful, as does Julie Andrews (of course. We know she would wear perfume and make-up to go jogging).

Fortunately the Mother Superior is also nice (of course, at least in 1965. Today she would be a child abuser), so she and the other nuns are very understanding and let Julie Andrews go, to try out being governess of a tyrannical widower’s unruly children who have (of course) chased away several governesses before her. What shall she do? Have no fear! The Power of Positive Thinking (of course) – she sings a gutsy little number along the lines, “…I have confidence in sunshine, I have confidence in rain… besides which you see, I have confidence in me”. Bravo.

Sure enough, once inside the door she gives a dazzling demonstration of the superiority of liberty and equality over stuffy old Austrian ways! Immediately undermining – in front of the children – the Captain’s tyrannical discipline over them, she proceeds to win their hearts (of course) by a combination of being their friend, taking their side, making them sing and have fun, all this without a trace of motherliness and all the time looking as cute as a kitten. She even looks cute when she prays, in fact who would not pray when it makes you look so specially cute?

Of course the stern Captain is soon won over by his domain being turned into a gigantic play-pen, so he breaks out in that favorite Austrian number Edelweiss, whereupon they all burst into song because the family has been re-built on the liberty-equality model. By now Julie Andrews is looking goofy around the Captain (of course), so there is a ball, and they dance (of course), and dancing reveals more of her charms (of course), whereupon the Captain also looks goofy around her (of course).

But enter now the villains! Firstly a glamorous Baroness previously engaged to be married to the Captain, who schemes to get Julie Andrews out of the way, back to the Convent (but didn’t you know, “The path of true love never did run smooth”?). Secondly, villain of villains, a – a – a NAZI! (Original sin? – never heard of it! Isn’t all sin Nazi sin?)

Pan back to the Convent for a heart-warming feminine dialogue: Mother: “You’re unhappy”. J.A.: “I’m confused”. Mother: “Are you in love?” J.A.: “Oh, I don’t know.” Mother: “Go back to him”. Him is of course delighted when she returns, so there is a duet of swooning, spooning and crooning by – guess what! – moonlight! “But will the children approve of our marrying?” Of course! Shiny white wedding dress (of course), wedding bells all over the place and a lovely ceremony (of course), to be spoiled only by the brutal re-appearance of the nasty Nazi – the Captain must report for duty to the Third Reich!

The family tries to sneak away. The nasty Nazi spots them, so now they all break out into singing Edelweiss. The nasty Nazi is foiled when the family escape to the convent (where else?), but drama rolls as the nasty Nazis close in on the convent. (But didn’t you know, “Life is not just a bed of roses”?) The Captain is heroic (of course), but the dastardly villains are only foiled for good when their car is incapacitated by the nuns turned into mechanics (of course), and the last shots show the “family” climbing a mountain path to get out of the Third Reich, amidst hills which are once more – go on, don’t tell me you couldn’t guess! – “alive with the sound of music”. How truly heart – warming.

Dear friends, please excuse this long excursion into the audio-visual scenery of an average modern Christmas, but no less maybe necessary to rub noses in the falsity of this soul-rotting slush. Clean family edification? Nothing of the kind!

As for cleanness, many films may be worse than the Sound of Music, but stop and think – are youth, physical attractiveness and being in love the essence of marriage? Can you imagine this Julie Andrews staying with the Captain if “the romance went out of their marriage”? Would she not divorce him and grab his children from him to be her toys? Such romance is not actually pornographic but it is virtually so, in other words all the elements of pornography are there, just waiting to break out. One remembers the media sensation when a few years later Julie Andrews appeared topless in another film. That was no sensation, just a natural development for one rolling canine female.

As for being a family film, by glorifying that romance which is essentially self-centered, The Sound of Music puts selfishness in the place of selflessness between husband and wife, and by putting friendliness and fun in the place of authority and rules, it invites disorder between parents and children. This is a new model family which in short order will be no family at all, its liberated members flying off in all different directions.

Finally as for edification, in The Sound of Music the Lord God is mere decoration. True, His Austrian mountains are beautiful (beautiful decoration), but His nuns are valued only for their sweetness towards the world and their understanding of its ways, while His ex-nun is wholly oriented towards the world.

Dear friends, any supposed Catholicism in The Sound of Music is a Hollywood fraud corresponding to the real-life fraud of that “Catholicism” of the 1950’s and 1960’s, all appearance and no substance, which was just waiting to break out into Vatican II and the Newchurch. Right here is the mentality of sweet compassion for homosexuals and of bitter grief for Princess Di, of sympathy for priests quitting the SSPX for the Novus Ordo . Everything is man-centered and meant to feel good, the apostasy of our times.

But, somebody may object, The Sound of Music is only entertainment. Reply, is the world in a mess, or not? Now, has the world got to where it is by people listening to sermons in church? They do less and less of that. Then what do they drink into their hearts and souls and minds? Is it not their “entertainment”, The Sound of Music in season and countless films more or less like it out of season? Then if the world around us is corrupt, it sure fits these films being corrupt, whereas if someone can see no problem with The Sound of Music (1965), how can he see a problem with Vatican II (1962­-1965)? The simultaneity in time is no coincidence.

Dear friends, “entertainment” requires serious attention. Then what is to be proposed in place of The Sound of Music? For family time, amongst live human beings, better in general live games, talk or reading than mechanical TV or VCR, even good video-tapes, let alone video-tapes as false as The Sound of Music. Make your children (and your wife!) a Christmas present of your personal time, attention and guidance. That is more valuable to them than anything that comes in glitzy store-bought wrappings!

The Seminary is nevertheless providing, as per the enclosed flyer, a wide variety of VCR tapes. Contradiction? Not quite. These tapes are instructional rather than entertaining, and well used they should make accessible a wealth of Catholic truth and beauty. However, note the new address at which to order either audio – or video – tapes. This is because, to get the material out, we have brought in professional help, only not resident in Winona. Note in particular the offer of a free 30-minute video-tape. Anything (honest) to get real Catholicism back into circulation!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Bishop Richard Williamson